I have not watched an actual tv show in months

i want to know gabby’s secret as to how she manages to zap her draik so much without changing species

lets blow this popsicle stand

is supernatural good

I feel so unsocial with the rest of the neotag and it doesn’t help that a majority of the people I follow are friends from my old pre-hiatus days who are now basically just either inactive/semi-active blogs or aren’t neoblogs anymore

gotta go now byee

sometimes when i add a caption to my art i sound so unemotional and bored but im actually excited okay that is just my lame way of trying to sound professional and failing

I was looking up stuff of Wan Dirx and I did not know he liked spooky shakes this little tidbit is so great somehow i am going to add it into the doodle request i am doing of him even though i already have the whole thing planned out

i keep having this strong feeling that five years from now ill end up being some broke college student doing paid art commissions